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The shortlist of 46

Forty-six plans made it onto the judges’ shortlist. Each one was photographed in four sheets, joined together. All 46 were taken to the capital site for further consideration.

By the time they left the Canberra site, the judges were still considering 11 plans. Two days later, the list was down to eight. The judges managed to eliminated two more entries, reducing the group to six, but the final decision was made by King O’Malley. He approved the selection on which two of the three judges agreed.

The Commonwealth ultimately kept four entries – those of the three prizewinners, and that of the first choice of Coane, the minority judge. The remaining 133 entries were returned to their creators.

Photographs of the 46 shortlisted plans are held in both the National Library of Australia and the National Archives of Australia. Use the links below to view the plans and commentaries by John Reps, Emeritus Professor, Cornell University (Reps, 1997). He describes each plan, and identifies its sources of inspiration.

Plans kept by the Commonwealth

Other plans in the top ten

Other plans in the shortlist of 46